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Crystal Chandeliers with Glass Arms

Crystal chandeliers have a very high priority for us, because we ourselves are lovers of these noble and so elegant chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers with curved glass arms are the supreme discipline, if you will, because their production and perfection demands a lot from the respective glassmaker and is not as simple as it may seem in the end for some.

In general, it is a great art to produce a crystal chandelier with glass arms in such a way that it can meet a high quality standard. Many manufactures fail in the details, which is why we have not made it easy to choose the right one for cooperation. On the contrary. Long before the founding of Bohemian Crystal, when we were still purely privately looking for fine pieces of lead crystal, we were already able to separate the wheat from the chaff and with years of experience later then found Bohemian Crystal and build their own very high quality range.

This also applies to our crystal chandeliers with glass arms, all of which were selected by us, are made of lead crystal with high lead content and are thereby 100% handmade. Quality is especially important to us, because we also buy lead crystal privately and want to pass on this claim to our selection in the online store. If you look around us, you will quickly notice that our crystal chandeliers with glass arms do not conform to the usual norm, but all quite special and different in appearance.

From CHF 2'869.00
CHF 1'889.00
From CHF 2'059.00
From CHF 1'539.00
From CHF 2'449.00
From CHF 2'949.00
From CHF 3'979.00
From CHF 5'059.00
From CHF 5'389.00
From CHF 1'949.00
From CHF 1'309.00
From CHF 1'479.00
From CHF 409.00
From CHF 449.00
From CHF 669.00
From CHF 1'069.00
From CHF 1'149.00
From CHF 1'429.00
From CHF 1'179.00
From CHF 469.00
From CHF 579.00
From CHF 849.00
From CHF 1'179.00
From CHF 1'439.00
From CHF 949.00
From CHF 1'299.00
From CHF 1'329.00
From CHF 2'119.00
From CHF 2'329.00
From CHF 919.00
From CHF 1'109.00
From CHF 1'579.00
From CHF 1'729.00
From CHF 1'159.00