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Spotlights are usually recessed lamps that emit a focused light that provides spot illumination. However, the sad thing about most spotlights is that it makes them completely disappear, appearing tiny and discreet, which is not always desired at all. Fortunately, this is different with spotlights made of lead crystal, because they appear in an eye-catching appearance, with the same punctual beam of light.

Our spotlights have many fine ornaments made of lead crystal (24% PbO), as well as gold and/or silver colored metal parts, which only make the shine appear even prettier. All metal parts are also provided with a protective coating, so that a long durability can be guaranteed. Thus, the spotlights remain robust against environmental influences.

Our spotlights made of lead crystal are small and light, as spotlights should be, but always have that certain something. So if you are looking for more than just an inconspicuous light, you will definitely find it with us. A nice addition, as we find, especially to the matching crystal chandeliers in our range.

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